Will you remove the “dents” in the carpet where the furniture legs are?

This is a great question. Here is why. Not all cleaners even move furniture for you to ask this question. Especially with the way times are, a lot of people are trying to cut corners and pinch pennies every where they can. Well our carpet cleaners, at 561 Carpet and Tile, will never short you on the thoroughness of the cleaning.

As for the dents in your carpeting… the pliable nature of carpet allows for quite some give and flexibility. This is not always a good thing, especially in the case of large dressers or maybe a hutch. The weight from these pieces can, in some cases, permanently damage the backing of carpet. It also, can affect the resiliency of the tuft. Large amounts of weight plus long periods of time equal damaged carpet.

On the up side, there is a way to help lessen this. Moving your furniture, even a few inches, from time to time can help drastically. Slide it to the side, pull it close to the wall, or maybe push it away from the wall. What ever direction you are moving it be sure to give the carpet time to recover before you move it back. Also remember, moving it back to the same spot may cause it to wear faster because the backing of the carpet may already have been damaged.

If you are stuck with this problem and need it to be solved. Please feel free to call us, as we can repair damages just like that.

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