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Our kitchens and bathrooms are a key part of our home, but over time dirt and grime can build up and leave them looking dirty and worn no matter how often we clean them. It is not only bathrooms and kitchens, these days tiles have become a popular wall and floor covering in other rooms like halls, utility rooms, porches, and many other areas, and while daily cleaning can keep some dirt at bay, for proper maintenance more than elbow grease will be required. That is where we come in, we offer the best Tile And Grout Cleaning in Jupiter FL and our service is customer-focused guaranteeing you the best service and the cleanest tiles in town.

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For this part of the treatment, we will cover your tiles and grout in our specialist cleaning solution and leave to soak for around ten to fifteen minutes. During this time the chemicals work to break down impurities, stains, body oils, and dirt that has settled into and on the tile and grout. It is during this process that we can see the build-up slowly deteriorate.

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In the next part of our process, we remove the specialist spray with our wand equipment. Using a swift up and down methodical motion, hot high pressured water is washed over the tiles and grout and is then vacuumed using an Ultra-High Vacuum that extracts the water, solution, dirt, and grime. This is when you can visibly see the difference and your tiles and grout will look brand new.

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Seal &

After the hot steam cleaning process has been completed you can also opt-in for our additional seal and protect service. This process is really important for the continued maintenance of your tiles and grout. It will protect them in the future and will reseal them against stains meaning your tiled area stays sparkly clean for much longer so you don’t have to have a full hot water extraction process as often.

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With us, you as our customer is our number one priority. We know that we deliver not only the best Tile And Grout Cleaning Jupiter FL has to offer but also with our range of treatments, packages, payment options, and tailored services we can offer it to you at the best price. All of our team members are highly qualified with years of experience and know exactly how to get your tiles and grout sparkling in no time. If you would like ay more information on our process, services or prices, contact us today and we would be happy to help you in any way we can!

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Tile Cleaning In Jupiter FL

Luci Chorley

They are so professional and always on time and always so thorough and they do an amazing job. I would recommend them to anybody for all your tile and stone flooring needs. They are a pleasure to be with and always do a great job. They’re on time and they clean up after themselves. And they put in extra effort on trouble spots. I always throw them a curveball and they always manage to catch it

Tile Cleaning Jupiter FL

Kathleen Murray

561 Carpet and Tile is honestly the best company we have ever used. They go way above and beyond to ensure that their work is perfect and your belongings are safe. We had a stain on a very old wall to wall carpet that no one was ever able to remove. Matt worked on it until it was gone! I don't recommend many companies, but I can recommend this company whole heartedly.

Tile Cleaning In Jupiter

Larry Dunham

Can't say enough great things about 561 Carpet & Tile. We had Ian D. as our cleaning specialist and his professionalism and attention to cleaning are above the norm, in my opinion. I'm old school and always simply want contracted folks to do tile cleaning in my Casa as they would in their own Casa. In this case, Ian did just that to our carpets and tiles. FANTASTIC JOB!!!

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With only the best stuff the earth has to offer. Those things include Safe cleaning solutions that are applied to the tile and the grout, mechanically scrubbed, and washed off with high pressure and steam, through a very large extraction system.

Well if you consider carpeting can be damaged by the soils in it, and tile typically isn’t damaged by its soils, then by that measure, not as often as carpet. But as often as you like. It is an esthetic choice as opposed to preventive choice. Most of our clients, who regularly clean their carpets, can their tile every 2nd or 3rd carpet cleaning.

About this long “———————-“. And if you need a number, it usually takes about an hour to clean 200-300 square feet. Or 1-2 rooms


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