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Pricing and How it is Calculated

This article will describe the different ways to price carpet cleaning, pros and cons of each, and we will give you an example on how to calculate each. Pricing will vary from company to company. There are a few ways to set pricing for carpet cleaning, here is 2 of them:


Pricing by area can be a quick way to give a price, whether by phone or in person, a price can be given fairly easy. It’s less time consuming and gives a customer the opportunity to call more than one carpet cleaner to find out what they charge. By the sqft. might take a little more work, but it will render a precise price. It also gives you, the home owner, the ability to meet the carpet cleaning company you are letting into your home, before you hire them.

Pros and cons

By The Square foot (sqft.)

Per Area

How 561 Carpet and Tile Prices

561 Carpet and Tile charges by the square foot, and only measures cleanable space. We will never charge for an area that is covered by furniture, unless the carpet under it needs to be cleaned. We want you to offer the very best deal, so by allowing us to do a walk through, you get to meet us, we get see the scope of work, and you decide if we are the right fit for you. It’s so hard to hire reliable contractors these days. There is never any obligation to buy. Here is what our prices look like

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