Help Us Help Karter


So recently it came to my attention that a client of mine has someone very close to their heart has cancer. We all know someone that has dealt with this unruly disease. Not many of us know children as young as Karter that has. It’s never an easy thing to deal with, but it is especially difficult when a child has cancer.

My father died of cancer, so this hits home. However, my father lived  long, general speaking, healthy life before he eventually lost his life to cancer. He was not just my hero, but lived his life to constantly impact other lives. Because isn’t that what we’re hear for, each other. So help me… help us, help Karter’s family. This company will be donating a portion of all of its income for the month of July, and if you mention the family, we will double the amount of donation for that particular job. So help us help Karter.

You can also help by by emailing [email protected] for donations directly to Karter’s family or show your support at Guanabanas in Jupiter on Saturday July, 30 at 5pm.

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