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Rugs are a truly stunning addition to any home. Like fine paintings or wall decor, they enhance the overall room decor. But rugs suffer from a huge amount of traffic. Similar to upholstered furniture and carpets, rugs behave like an air filter, trapping allergens, dirt, and bacteria, preventing those harassing elements from circulation to other places. But rugs can do this only if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Like air filters in your ventilation system, rugs need to be regularly cleaned, too! The experts at Rug Cleaning Jupiter FL provide the highest quality rug cleaning service, focusing on attention and care to detail, that restores your rugs to their former beauty while removing allergens and dirt. Vacuuming alone won't make your rugs free from dust, dirt, and allergens- let professionals clean it!

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The first step in our process of deep washing of your rug is a pre-treatment for which we use a pre-spray or a high traffic cleaner that we spray onto the rug. After that, there is a dwell time of 10-15 minutes to break down all the stains, impurities, dirt, and body oils that occupy your rug. It allows us to have everything that has accumulated on your rug, ready to be completely removed. So before the process itself, the technicians will thoroughly check for spills or stains and start with pre-treatment.

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After performing the pre-treatment, the technicians will extract the pre-spray with a rug wand. It is a form of forwarding and back motion with a high-pressure wash of hot water and an ultra-high vacuum that extracts the water. Unlike other cleaning methods, this not only cleans and treats surface but also reaches soil build-up. This procedure is appropriate and best for almost all types of rugs, and deliver the most efficient cleaning results!

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Although steam cleaning achieves the best and deepest level of clean, it also takes a bit longer to dry. Technicians from Rug Cleaning Jupiter FL will clean with steam your rugs completely while vacuuming the moisture to cut down drying time. Your rug will be washed and dried on the same day, and ready to beautify your rooms as before. Although steam cleaning is a form of the wet cleaning procedure, with our professional service, a minimal amount of liquid will remain in the rug.

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You would not send your car to some mechanic you haven't completely researched well, and just like your car, you shouldn't have your rugs left to anyone. Our Jupiter FL Rug Washing technicians are fully trained to clean all types of rugs, from regular and common rugs to delicate Persian or Oriental rugs. We use specialized equipment and tools specifically designed for any kind of rug you have, whether it is, synthetic, silk, cotton, or any other type. Our gentle yet effective rug cleaning preserves the fibers of your rug, leaving the colors vibrant and fresh. There is no sense to hire someone who will make your rug look even worse than it was, and we understand that! We do everything we can to make your rugs look vibrant, beautiful, and refreshed at the end of our cleaning process.

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Rug Cleaning In Jupiter FL

Chris Gass

Fantastic service! Matt and his company are professional, courteous, and they stand behind their work. They recently cleaned one of our large area rugs, and it literally looks like a new rug. I would highly recommend them for any of your carpet, tile grout, or rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning Jupiter FL

Marta Opsahl

These guys far exceeded my expectations, my rugs came back beautiful, better job than any in the past! I highly them to anyone! Very knowledgeable and professional, had to move many pieces of furniture, they did it with ease!! I will use them in the future rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning In Jupiter

Karen Jeffe

This was the best experience with carpet cleaning. These gentlemen were very professional, attentive to detail, and very thorough. My rugs look brand new!!! Thank you to Ian and David and to Matthew! I would recommend your 561 carpet and tile cleaning company.

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Very very carefully. Honestly. Today’s market has provided some of the weakest fibers the industry has ever seen. Rest assured ALL of our technicians are fully equipped to handle any rug you may have. Even your grandmother’s antique Persian rug that is older than the dead sea scrolls.

You better believe it. A few years ago we opened an offsite facility to manage oriental rugs, Designer rugs, and even your everyday run of the mill rugs.

Both. We can provide both. We do have a facility located at 6758 N. Military Trail #210 West Palm Beach, Fl 33407 OR we can arrange a pick-up. Sometimes pickups and drop off can push the 2-week turnaround farther out and sometimes we can’t get there right away. And there is a charge for removal and installation. If the rugs are rolled up and ready to be picked up, there is no charge.

It could be as simple as, how long do you want it to take? We can always put a rush on the cleaning. If not, our turn around time is 2 weeks.

A lot :)~ Seriously though, it does cost more to clean a rug then it does compared to carpet. The process to clean a rug – say 8×10- can take a few hours and span the course of a few days.

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