Beating out the Competition.

So last week I was doing some carpet cleaning in west palm beach. I was in a place that I spent quite some time restoring this carpet. It really needed my touch. In that time I spent there I noticed one of the nations largest franchises doing some work right across the street. Being that I love this industry so much I had to go see how everything was going.

As I was crossing the street and before I could even get there, the owner stopped me. This is what he said “Man, I don’t like what’s going on up there. I don’t like the guy doing the work and it’s not coming out very good”. This stopped me from going any further. I simply gave him my card and said “If you need my services give me a call, I’d be happy to help you out”

Shortly after, we spoke on the phone and I was on my way over to save the day. I showed up, priced the job at my normal prices, did the work as I always do and was as polite as I always am. Turns out I did a better job cleaning the carpet and was less expensive than the other company. This was a win win.

So the next time you need you carpets cleaned don’t trust someone just because you’ve see their commercial on T.V. or remember their 1-800 number, do you research, find a local cleaner and most importantly…. Ask them questions. The more you ask the more you’ll know.

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