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Hello my name is Matthew Strader and I’ve been in the carpet cleaning and tile cleaning business for a few years now and come to realize that Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning is a topic  of much confusion. Can you trust them? Are they any good? Will we get cheated out of our hard earned money? These are valid concerns. Well for starters this is a referral based company and unless YOU, the customer, are 100% satisfied, my company will not prosper. We can wipe out street soils, foot residues, allergens in your Carpet and other damaging bodily oils on your Tile. Let us help you reclaim the Healthy Beauty of a Sparkling Clean home. Remember the Carpet and/or Tile is one of the biggest investments in your home. Don’t let it go to waste. Doesn’t it make sense to let 561 RESTORATION get rid of all the Street Dirt and Contaminants filtering through out the floors in your home. “But the Carpets don’t look dirty!” Doesn’t matter! It can be a health issue. There are Dust Mites and Debris that fall on to the floors that you can not see and regular vacuuming will not irradicate . Not to mention sand from the streets gets buried deep inside the Carpet. It cuts like a knife and is causing premature wear and tear. With our “Special Deep Clean” process that every home gets, we’re saving you a fortune on premature Carpet Installation and also bringing the “New Floor” glow back to your Tile and Grout. Trust me I see tens of thousands of dollars get thrown away in carpeting every year. Don’t be one of those many. Let us Restore it instead.

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