Make the Most Out of Your New Carpet

These days many people are going the route of hardwood flooring because it just doesn’t seem worth it to get carpeting. A lot of wear and tear can happen to carpets – staining, fraying, shrinkage, and more. When thinking about getting a new floor, it seems easiest to skip all the hassle and just get wood floors.

Don’t let this turn you off from carpets, however. Carpets can tie a room together and make it feel homier. They’re softer under our feet. And with certain room designs, it just looks best.

Taking care of your carpet doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. Once you’ve built of a lot of damage, it’s hard to reverse it. You’ll have to pay a lot for good carpet cleaning service. But there’s a lot you can do along the way to make sure you don’t get to that point.

  1. Vacuum regularly. If you don’t vacuum regularly, like once or twice a week, you’ll discover some dust, odors, and other unwanted materials building up. Your carpet might become discolored or it’ll start fading and getting weighed down.
    You’ll want to vacuum frequently to get rid of the build up of our day-to-day lives. You may not see it right away, but think of everything that can build up in your carpet. From food crumbs to dead skin cells to pet fur. Instead of waiting until you can see the problem, vacuum it up right away. Your carpet will look as good as new after every vacuum.
  2. Use scissors to get rid of snags instead of pulling it. You could really damage your carpet; even tear it if you try pulling out snags.
  3. Clean stains properly. When you spill something that could stain, like wine or tomato sauce, your first thought might be to scrub it until it goes away. This will actually just rub the spill deeper into the fibers. It may take a little restraint, but actually blotting will do a lot more to lift the spill from the carpet. Once you blot it dry, you can apply a stain remover to the spot.
  4. If you’re unsure of how to clean your carpet, hire someone else. Every few months you should do a thorough cleaning of your carpet. This includes shampooing and everything. If you’re unsure of what chemicals are okay to use with your specific carpet, how long you should clean it for, and what methods to use, then it’s probably worth it to hire someone else to clean your carpet. A simple mistake could ruin your whole carpet.
  5. Treat it with care. Try not to get it dirty in the first place! Take your shoes off, don’t eat over the carpet, and teach kids how to care for the carpet too. The best way to keep your carpet clean is through preventive measures.

Follow these tips and keep a beautiful looking carpet!

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