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Carpet is a very popular type of flooring in for plenty of reasons. Carpets are very comfortable to walk on, it feels soft to the feet, gives off a luxurious vibe, and most importantly it acts as a filter for your home. Like most things in life, every good thing comes with a few downsides. In this specific case, and because carpet is a filter, it will attract and harbor more dirt, grime, debris, and other undesirables compared to other types of flooring.

Thankfully, you don't have to worry too much about it as you can always hire a professional to have your carpets cleaned for you periodically. While regular carpet vacuuming is always recommended, it has its limitations. For the most part, it can only clean the dust, dirt, and grime that's loosely sitting on the carpet fibers. For a thorough and deep clean, you will need professionals to do the hot water extraction process. The hot water extraction process is a multi-step method. The process may be a bit lengthy, but it's the best method for deep cleaning a carpet.

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The first step is the pre-treatment, and it involves the use of pre-spray or a high-traffic carpet cleaning solution. The pre-treatment step’s goal is to loosen the dirt, grime, oils, stains, and other impurities that may have settled on the carpet. In most cases, the spray or solution breaks down the contaminants and thus loosening them off from the carpet fibers. It’s normal for the solution to be applied and then set for about ten to fifteen minutes to do its job.

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The next step is to do the “steam clean.” In this step, a professional will use a powerful machine that will inject hot water into the carpet and sucks out the hot water together with the contaminants. Keep in mind that the injecting and sucking happens so fast that it appears as if it’s a one-step process. Steam is often visible after this step, which is why it’s called “steam cleaning.”

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Because of the steps above, the hot water extraction process features a very deep clean. On the downside, the cleaning solution and hot water results in a wet carpet, which takes a bit of time to dry. Thankfully, our service includes an additional step of vacuuming out the moisture. As a result, your carpets can get a deep clean with very minimal drying times.

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For any of your Jupiter, FL carpet cleaning needs, we are always ready to serve you. We are a company that has served the local community for years. And in the process of doing so, we have accumulated valuable real-life experience. As a result, you can always expect a high-quality service for carpet cleaning in Jupiter FL. We are also a company that is fully insured and trustworthy. In case one of our staff gets into an accident while working on your premises, you won't be held liable for any legal or medical bills. Our insurance company will cover that for you. Lastly, we are a company that values the importance of customer service. For any of your concerns, issues, or questions, there's a staff that's always ready to accommodate you. In fact, why don't you contact us right now and ask us how we can help you.

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Carpet Cleaning In Jupiter FL

Ashley Grange

Matt is truly knowledgeable in carpet cleaning and helping them look brand new. I've never known any carpet cleaner to do as thorough as a job as he does. It's so awesome to have someone who really knows their stuff. He's also been available by phone for spills and suggestions to get them up. Truly the best.

Carpet Cleaning In Jupiter FL

Brandon R

I highly recommend 561 Carpet and Tile. Matt was very professional and timely. Our carpet came out great. He did carpet cleaning on two of our other bedrooms (no extra charge) and he also noticed our AC unit was clogged and cleaned it for us. Professional and easy to deal with and we will be calling him again for our next cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning In Jupiter FL

Nicole Sulish

Ian did a wonderful job! He made sure to get every spot up and out of our carpet. We just moved into a new house with carpets throughout the entire upstairs. Carpets are ivory and a bit dirty so we were thinking about putting wood floors instead. But after carpet 561 came we are going to keep the carpet bc it looks like new now. Thanks guys!

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Absolutely. Included with every cleaning, we will move light furniture. If you’d like larger furniture moved, just let us know how we can accommodate. There are a few furniture items we can’t move, for various reasons. One being it’s mounted to the floor/wall and it would take a small crane or forklift… and as you can imagine there would be other reasons.

What is unique about hiring us, is that we offer more than 1 method of carpet cleaning. We offer traditional steam cleaning (aka hot water extraction), and we also offer low moisture cleaning. Similar to dry cleaning, with the exception that we use encapsulation technology, which is non-toxic. No matter what you choose, you will have floors so clean you can eat off them. However, we advise against that, unless you like carpet fibers as a topping on your pizza.

Typically we schedule jobs for 2 hours. Of course, this is just a generalization. Because YOUR carpet… well, we don’t know what’s lurking in below the surface of carpeting that hasn’t been cleaned since Nixon had a short stint in office. So yea, it might take longer.

On average $1 million. But we really like you, so we’re going to give you a special deal, which you can see here.

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