Carpet Cleaning Services

The carpet in your home is the largest filter that you have. It filters every airborne contaminant, everything tracked by foot, anything spilled, body oils, and many other contaminants. These indoor pollutants are not just dirt and soil; they are bacteria, germs, dust mites, dead skin cells and particles  that can lead to respiratory problems. It is important  because without the carpet, these things would be drifting through out your home.

So, just as you shower yourself ,wash your clothes ,and sheets your carpets need to be cleaned too. Its is important to find a carpet cleaner that uses the hot water extraction or steam cleaning method as this form of carpet cleaning has a significant contribution towards removing these contaminants.

Here are a few different methods of having your carpet professionally cleaned:

Foam Cleaning:

Using a machine that resembles a floor buffer, this form of carpet cleaning releases a solution onto a the brush that works it’s way down into the carpet fibers. After scrubbing the carpet it must be left to dry for a few hours. Then once dry, vacuuming is necessary to remove the dirt. It is a great method of cleaning carpet for a maintenance program to keep high traffic areas of carpet clean. Even though this is an effective way to clean carpet, some residue is left behind and will need a steam cleaning eventually to remove all the left over solution.

Shampoo Cleaning:

Shampooing is an old method to cleaning carpet. This is similar to foam cleaning in that a similar process is done while cleaning your carpet. It uses a rotary tool and a solution that has brighteners in it. It is a dangerous if you have an area of carpet that has a tear as it might snag and cause more damage. Most of the carpet needs to be worked over a few times to break up the dirt. Corners and edges of carpet need to be cleaned by hand. This can be very time consuming. A lot of times the rotary tool just seems to push the dirt around not actually clean the carpet. Finishing requires vacuuming and as stated before will not remove all the dirt or solution from your carpet and probably will require a steam cleaning soon after. But hey it looks good when its done.


Also similar to the Foam and Shampoo cleaning we have already discussed, this method of cleaning carpet is much better and safer. The bonnet is positioned at the bottom of the rotary tool or buffer. Solution is applied to the bonnet and then scrubbing takes place. Instead os pushing the dirt around the bonnet actually collects the dirt from the carpet. Repeated removal and rinsing of the bonnet is required for a thorough and properly cleaned carpet. A follow up vacuum is necessary to remove left over dirt from the carpet. This will dry fairly quickly.

Dry Cleaning:

This is a three part system. The first part is a dry solution that is scattered all over the carpet. Then, a special rotating buffer is used to go over and work the solution into the carpet. The idea here is that the dry solution will accumulate the dirt when agitated. Finally, vacuuming over and over and over again. This will get most of the dry solution that has accumulated dirt and will in theory clean your carpet . However, as with most other methods there will be a small amount of solution left behind and will re-soil the carpets faster.

Steam Cleaning:

Now, the most common type of carpet cleaning and also the type of cleaning we, here at 561 CARPET AND TILE RESTORATION, use. To really get a carpet cleaned “DEEP DOWN” this is the most effective method. This process is preformed typically with a high traffic cleaner or pre-spray, sprayed onto the carpet first. Then there is a dwell time of 10-15 min., this helps the break down of the impurities, stains, body oils and dirt that has settled into and on your carpet. Next, the pre-spray is extracted via a carpet wand. It is a forward and back motion with a high pressure wash of hot water and a Ultra-High Vacuum that extracts the water, leaving your carpets clean from top to bottom and looking good as new. This provides the most visual proof there is. The dry time is a bit longer then other methods but produces the most comprehensive cleaning available. Also, it is recommended by carpet cleaning corporations, carpet cleaning professionals , and most carpet manufactures (to uphold the warranty of the carpet) alike, that your carpets be “Steam Cleaned” every 8-12 months. This will insure the life of your carpet. With all the different types of carpet cleaners out there, in my experience, this is the best route. But be wise to prices that are too good to be true. And remember your carpets are an investment and should be treated as such.

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